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Wheel Alignments & Tire Alignments in Taylor, TX

Having adequately aligned tires is essential for owning a vehicle and keeping it in top condition. Failure to have wheel alignments and tire alignments can:

  • Lead to premature tire wear,
  • Cause your steering wheel to be off-center, and
  • Result in your vehicle pulling to one side or the other.

Even worse, out-of-alignment wheels can compromise your ability to maneuver in an emergency. Simply put, you have too much riding on your tires to not have alignments in Taylor, TX.

Fortunately, the mechanic at Premium Automotive offers expert tire and wheel alignments. We have invested in the latest and most advanced equipment to perform alignments on virtually all makes and models of vehicles. 

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What Are Tire Alignments or Wheel Alignments?

While the services are called tire alignments or wheel alignments, it’s not an adjustment to your wheels or tires. Instead, wheel alignments involve adjusting the suspension system that connects to the wheels. These precise adjustments impact how your tires make contact with the road. 

Our mechanic will perform measurements to understand your current wheel angles during a wheel alignment service at Premium Automotive. Afterward, we will use our state-of-the-art equipment to perform precise adjustments to ensure your vehicle is tracking and meeting the handling specifications set forth by the manufacturer.  

Adjusting the Three Tire Alignment Angles

During alignments, our mechanic will adjust the three critical angles:

  • Camber angle
  • Toe Angle
  • Caster Angle

Wheel Alignments Adjust the Camber Angle

The camber angle measures your tires’ outward or inward angle when you look at them from the vehicle’s front. Too much outward tilt (positive camber), or too much inward tilt (negative camber) means your tires are out of alignment. Camber misalignment can be caused by worn ball joints, worn bearings, and other suspension parts. 

Wheel Alignments Adjust the Toe Angle

Toe alignment can be defined as the degree to which your tires turn outward or inward when you look at them from above or from a bird’s-eye-view. To best understand the toe angle, stand up and look at your feet. They should be straight. If you angle your feet (tires) outward away from the center of your body, this is called toe-out alignment. On the other hand, turning your feet (tires) inward is called toe-in alignment. In either case, your tires require an alignment. 

Wheel Alignments Adjust the Caster Angle

The third measurement is the caster angle, which helps balance cornering, steering, and stability. The caster angle is the angle of your steering axis from the side perspective. If you have a negative caster, the steering axis is leaning in the front of your vehicle, while a positive caster means the steering axis is leaning in the driver’s direction.

Additional Inspections

In addition to inspecting the camber, caster, and toe angles, our mechanic will check the rear and front steering, suspension system, tire pressure, and tire condition. At the end of our alignment inspection, we will ensure that all four wheels on your vehicle are heading in the same direction.

How Do I Know My Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignments?

If your vehicle needs an alignment, it can offer you many different signs. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should reach out to the mechanic at Premium Auto for wheel and tire alignments.

  1. Does your car pull to the right or left when you’re driving? 
  2. Do you notice uneven wear on your tires?
  3. Are your tires wearing faster than they should be?
  4. Do your tires make an obnoxious squealing noise?
  5. When you’re driving straight ahead, is your steering wheel crooked?

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At Premium Automotive, we offer wheel alignments for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. Because of our investment in the latest and most advanced technology, we can quickly restore your car to the manufacturer’s suggested alignment specifications. 

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