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If your Check Engine Light is illuminated on your dashboard, one of the worst actions you can take is doing nothing. Contrary to popular belief, the Check Engine Light shouldn’t be ignored. By all means, if you notice the Check Engine Light illuminated, it’s your vehicle’s way of saying, “I need help.” Fortunately, the team at Premium Automotive in Taylor, TX, can help.

As the best auto repair facility in the Taylor, TX area, we offer a vast range of innovative auto repair solutions for virtually all makes and models. Because of our highly-skilled mechanic and access to advanced auto repair technology, we offer solutions that other repair facilities in Taylor can’t. Simply put, we are the best auto repair facility in the Taylor, TX area. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for expert auto repairs, including Check Engine Light Service in Taylor, TX.

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Top Causes of an Illuminated Check Engine Light

If your Check Engine Light is on, it’s imperative to reach out to Premium Automotive as soon as possible for comprehensive diagnostics. Our mechanic will utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose engine light codes quickly and offer you the expert auto repair your vehicle needs.

However, there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to servicing an illuminated Check Engine Light. There are hundreds of potential codes and causes of the warning. Some of the top Check Engine Light codes and triggers are:

Is Your Check Engine Light Flashing in Taylor, TX?

While an illuminated Check Engine Light is one thing, a flashing light may be a more complex situation. If your Check Engine Light is flashing, it could indicate engine problems. Common problems associated with a flashing Check Engine Light include:

Failure to quickly visit Premier Automotive for your flashing Check Engine Light can soon cause more severe and expensive engine damage. If your engine warning light is flashing, you should avoid driving the vehicle until you know the severity of the damage that causes the code.

Is It Safe to Drive My Vehicle with the Illuminated Check Engine Light?

While your illuminated Check Engine Light could be something as simple as a missing gas cap, it’s impossible to know without proper diagnostics from Premium Automotive. As a result, it’s also essential to avoid driving your vehicle until you’ve had the issue properly diagnosed and repaired.

Simply put, if your Check Engine Light comes on, it’s essential to have it addressed as quickly as possible. Failure to do so can easily evolve a simple problem into much more expensive engine repair, transmission repair, or engine and transmission replacement.


If your Check Engine light is on, you shouldn’t risk being stranded or causing more severe damage to your vehicle by continuing driving around. Instead, the best solution is to reach out to Premium Automotive for fast and affordable Check Engine Light diagnostics and auto repair in Taylor, TX.

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