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Expert Transmission Repair in Taylor, TX

After our engine, your transmission is the second most crucial component of your vehicle. Your vehicle is virtually useless without a properly functioning transmission. And if you’re experiencing any type of transmission complications, the mechanic at Premium Automotive can help. As the leading auto repair facility in Taylor, TX, we offer fast, affordable, and expert transmission service and repair solutions for virtually all makes and models. Don’t hesitate to contact the mechanic at Premium Automotive for transmission repair in Taylor, TX.

We Repair All Types of Transmissions

At Premium Automotive, we perform virtually every type of transmission repair on all types of transmissions. Some of the most common types of transmission repair and maintenance solutions we offer include:

  • Differential repair
  • Automatical transmission fluid service
  • Manual transmission repair
  • Automatic transmission repair 
  • Driveshaft repair
  • Transmission tune-up service
  • Axle repair
  • 4-Wheel drive service
  • Clutch repair and service
  • And more

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Why Is Transmission Service and Repair Important?

If you’re experiencing problems or complications with your transmission, it’s imperative to contact the mechanic at Premium Automotive as quickly as possible. Failing to do so can result in additional damage and even lead to expensive transmission replacement, costing many thousands of dollars. For instance, the Transmission Repair Cost Guide suggests the average cost of replacing a transmission is easily $3,400.

The best solution is to schedule more affordable transmission maintenance, service, or repair at Premium Automotive. When you do, we will perform a diagnostic test and physical inspection to assess the condition of your vehicle. Once we discover the underlying problem, we will offer you suitable transmission repair services. Most importantly, we will explain everything to you and provide preventative steps to avoid future repairs. 

Tell-Tale Signs of Transmission Problems

Your vehicle will typically offer several indicators that you need transmission repair in Taylor, TX. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should make an appointment at Premium Automotive in Taylor, TX, as soon as you can.

  1. Is your vehicle leaking transmission fluid? 
  2. Has your “Check Engine Light” been illuminated for some time?
  3. Do you smell a burning scent from under the hood? 
  4. When you put your vehicle into Drive from Park, does it take a while to get going?
  5. Do you hear clunking or loud whining noises as you drive?
  6. Is your vehicle slow to respond to gear changes?
  7. Does your vehicle get stuck in one gear as you’re driving?
  8. Does your vehicle shake or grind when attempting to change gears?

In most instances, our mechanic can repair transmission issues quickly and cost-effectively. However, if you ignore these signs, you can cause further damage to your transmission — even irreparable damage. 

Contact Premium Automotive Today for Expert Transmission Repair in Taylor, TX

Your transmission is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle. As a result, it makes dollars and sense to have regular transmission inspections, maintenance, and repairs when required. Fortunately, the mechanic at Premium Automotive in Taylor, TX, specializes in offering transmission repair services for virtually all makes and models.

Our experienced mechanic has years of experience and the latest automotive equipment. Most importantly, when you visit Premium Automotive, you will enjoy top-notch customer service, unrivaled transparency, consistent communication, and a world-class experience at every turn. 

Contact Premium Automotive today for expert transmission repair in Taylor, TX.

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